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U.S. President Donald Trump delivers his speech next to U.S. and Chinese flags. Damir Sagolj/Reuters

U.S. Offer of New China Trade Talks Should Be Taken Seriously

The U.S. decision this week to invite Chinese trade negotiators back for another round of talks could prove to be just another failed effort on the road to an escalating trade war. But more likely, it will instead be the start of a months-long—indeed perhaps years-long—effort to find a new accommodation between the two superpowers of trade. It is long overdue. Read More

June 21, 2018

Donald Trump
On Trade, Should Allies Treat the United States as a Rogue Nation?

The idea of targeting President Trump's personal assets may be tempting, but it is the wrong approach.

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June 7, 2018

World Leaders Didn’t Take Trump at His Word on Trade. Now They’re in a Pickle.

The president has been clear about his protectionist views. Why didn’t anyone listen?

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May 22, 2018

Trump's China Deal is the Worst Ever

Accord focused on soybeans and gas does nothing about huge tech-sector challenges.

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