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How can you bring hypothetical scenarios based on real issues to life in your classroom? Model Diplomacy, a free and flexible interactive program, uses role-play to demonstrate the challenges of shaping U.S. foreign policy in an interconnected world.

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See how much you know about the world with CFR's weekly quizzes on countries, current events, history, economics, foreign policy, and more.


Understand how the world works—what the forces are, who the actors are, and how they interact to influence events of relevance to citizens' everyday lives. World101 offers primers on need-to-know topics.

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Conflict Prevention

As the principal guarantor of international peace and security in an increasingly turbulent world, the United States is at risk of being drawn into potentially costly conflicts that, over time, diminish its power. In Preventive Engagement, Paul Stares offers a new comprehensive strategy for lowering this risk by reducing the demand for U.S. power overseas in the long, medium, and short term.

U.S. Foreign Policy

In chronicling CIA operative Edward Lansdale's adventurous life and approach to counterinsurgency, The Road Not Taken definitively reframes our understanding of the Vietnam War.

Middle East and North Africa

In Realism and Democracy: American Foreign Policy after the Arab Spring, Elliott Abrams tells a personal story of the development of U.S. human rights policy in the last forty years and makes an argument, both "realist" and principled, for supporting the expansion of democracy in the Middle East.

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CFR Campus offers a range of programs for educators and students to interact with CFR experts and to join the debate on foreign policy. The purpose is to foster a deeper understanding of international relations and the role of the United States in the world.


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The CFR Academic Conference Call series gives students the opportunity to speak directly with CFR fellows, Foreign Affairs authors, and other foreign policy practitioners...