World101 is an online modular program that teaches the fundamentals of international relations and foreign policy.

Introduction to World101


Understand how the world works—the issues, the forces, the actors, and how they interact to affect people's everyday lives.

Learning Outcomes

The goal of World101 is to make international relations and foreign policy compelling and accessible through instruction on how the world works and how international events and issues influence us all. Each module provides an overview of the topic and historical background for context, and explores implications for today's world. Using entertaining and interactive storytelling techniques, World101 provides an immersive learning experience for a variety of settings—classrooms, training programs, workplaces, and homes.

"It's imperative that people understand there is a world out there, and that they have a role in it." — Juju Chang, ABC News

Teaching with World101

Each module covers a fundamental topic in international relations or foreign policy and is accompanied by a full suite of teaching resources, such as essay questions, classroom activities, glossary terms, and an annotated bibliography. The modules will be rolled out in themed units until the full World101 course, which will comprise over fifty modules, is complete. Until then, each module can be used as a standalone primer on a topic or issue, or can be assigned in any combination. Module assets including maps, videos, and timelines, can be used individually to supplement lesson plans or syllabi.

Try World101

Global Era, the first unit, will be comprised of modules on globalization, terrorism, climate change, proliferation, migration and refugees, cybersecurity, the global economy, and public health. Explore these modules on the World101 website.