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February 17, 2005

The Achilles Heel of Cowboyeconomics

The Wall Street Journal says everyone in the world would benefit from a dose of Cowboyeconomics. You know, exporting tons of debt, to support consumption growth well in excess of income growth ... …

April 4, 2005

United States
McKinsey says the trade deficit does not matter

What is good for IBM (oops, Lenovo) is good for America.OK, that is a cheap shot.Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal published a column by Jon Hilsenrath that drew on work by Diana Farrell and the McKins…

July 26, 2005

Mining European data

I spent some time over the weekend delving into the Eurozone balance of payments data published by the ECB in its monthly bulletin, looking for insights into the global flow of funds. But to jazz thi…

January 6, 2006

United States
The USA, China and Saudi Arabia - the big three of global adjustment?

The standard discussion of the unbalanced world divies the world up into three: the US, Europe and Japan/ Asia.   And the standard discussion of global imbalances says all three need to do their part…

January 9, 2006

United States
Martin Feldstein joins the dollar doomsday cult

Stephen Kirchner take note.  Alan Greenspan, too.  Dr. Feldstein thinks central banks -- and oil sheiks -- are behind a lot of private flows into the US.  And he doesn't seem convinced that this …

April 6, 2006

United States
Rarely do I agree even a little with Larry Lindsey

But I do think Lindsey correctly highlights why the debate on whether the US economy as a whole benefits from low interest rates courtesy of China's central bank is rather beside the point, at le…

March 27, 2008

Financial Markets
Scandinavian understatement …

Iceland, if you haven’t noticed, has been having a bit of trouble. Macroman likes to note that you can’t spell risk without ISK -- the Bloomberg (or ISO) symbol for Iceland’s currency. Borrowing …

May 29, 2008

Monetary Policy
What cann’t go on still hasn’t slowed, let alone stopped (Chinese reserve growth)

This is Brad Setser once again. Thanks to Rachel Ziemba for filling in while I was away. A couple of regular readers have reported some difficulty posting comments at the cfr.org blog. My apolog…

June 18, 2008

Financial Markets
Why has the dollar tended to go down as oil goes up?

I did a podcast for cfr.org that presents my thinking on this topic. The simplest reason why oil is up and the dollar is down is that the world economy has been far stronger than the US economy. …

May 12, 2008

A heads-up

If all goes according to plan, my blog will be migrating to cfr.org later this week. The transition should be pretty seamless -- at least that is the goal. It obviously is a bit of a change for me…